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About MH Car and Bike Club Incorporated


MH Car and Bike Club Inc was established in 2015 in Geelong, Victoria, by a couple of like-minded enthusiasts to provide a single club where owners of bikes and cars over 25 years old can have the benefits of club membership, without the crap that goes along with some of these clubs.

In the modern world of good communication and social media we believe there are better ways of doing things.

Want to get together with other members? No problem, there's an online forum to meet other members.

Want to organise a run for cars or bikes? Of course you can - use the group and see who is interested in going to that show, travelling across the state, or just going local for a coffee.

We are a VicRoads authorised club under the Club Permit Scheme (CPS), and we take our responsibilities (and those of our members) seriously.  We follow the rules and we expect all of our members to follow the rules, but we want to make the process of obtaining your club plates as easy and painless as possible.

  • No enforced monthly meetings

  • No enforced "club runs"

  • No discrimination against a make or model of vehicle (if it's over 25 years and allowed under the CPS, it's ok)

  • Online forum for member communication