You know by now that MH Car and Bike Club doesn't require anything from it's members in terms of attending meetings and some of the other requirements imposed by other clubs in order to get a club permit.

That doesn't mean that we sit on a pile of money for the benefit of a select few.

MH Car and Bike Club Incorporated is very proud to be associated with some very worthwhile charities.

Donations to date: $22,000

So far we have donated to the following:


Geelong Mums recycle nursery equipment including cots, prams, and car seats, as well as clothes and other baby essentials, and sort, quality check, and safety check them to ensure they meet current Australian Safety Standards.

They receive requests from Maternal Child Health nurses and social workers on behalf of families in need and then try to meet or exceed each request with quality new or pre-loved donations. Geelong Mums give to people who are facing a variety of challenges and hope they feel uplifted when they receive a donation.

MH Car and Bike Club Inc. Donated $1000 to Geelong Mums in May 2021

Geelong Animal Rescue  
GAR (Geelong Animal Rescue GAR Ltd) is often confused with GAWS (Geelong Animal Welfare Society).
Whilst GAR does assist GAWS with re-homing GAWS animals, we are completely separate entities.
GAWS is the animal shelter in Moolap, with a full time in-house vet and paid staff.

GAR has none of these. GAR operates from within the homes of its volunteers.

All GAR volunteers and members are unpaid and donate their time and effort to provide a voice for the unwanted animals of Geelong and wider Victoria.
MH Car and Bike Club Inc. Donated $1000 to GAR in October 2020,  $1000 in December 2020, $1000 in July 2021 and $1000 in October 2021. Total=$4,000
Samaritan House Geelong  
Samaritan House Geelong exists to help men experiencing homelessness - our guests - in the Greater Geelong Region by providing welcoming accommodation, an evening meal and ongoing support. Samaritan House Geelong is a not-for-profit organisation which relies heavily on the kindness and  generosity of the Geelong community - individuals, companies and charitable organisations - both in financial ways and through volunteering.
MH Car and Bike Club Inc. donated $2,500 in August 2019, $1,000 to this charity in June 2020, and $1,000 in December 2020

Geelong Food Relief was established in 1990 and assists those in need of Emergency Food Relief within the Geelong community.

GFRC provides food assistance to clients who are suffering from food insecurity. Clients are referred by agencies through a food voucher system, with food voucher redemption occurring at GFRC mini-marts in Geelong. Every year more than 14,500 families use the centres, equating to more than 36,000 adults and children.

MH Car and Bike Club Inc. donated $1,000 to this charity in June 2020


Peace of Mind Foundation is a not for profit organisation created to give support, courage and community to brain cancer patients, their carers, family and loved ones.

MH Car and Bike Club Inc. donated $1,500 to this charity in January 2020



The Give Where You Live Foundation helps those in need in our community who are fighting the affects of disadvantage on a daily basis. The Foundation  delivers programs such as GROW, Feed Geelong and our makes annual grants to community organisations working to alleviate disadvantage in our region.

MH Car and Bike Club Inc. donated $1,500 to this charity in April 2019 and $1000 in July 2021


Buy a Bale is a recognised name in Drought Assistance, helping out farmers who are doing it tough.

MH Car and Bike Club Inc. donated $1,000 to this charity in October 2018.

Cottage By The Sea  

The mission of Cottage by the Sea is to enhance the lives of children in need by providing inspiration, fun and opportunity within a holiday environment.

All children and young people deserve opportunities to have fun, be inspired and broaden their horizons. Unfortunately, many don’t have access to such opportunities.

Cottage by the Sea aims to address this issue by providing a safe, supportive environment for children to have fun and be inspired.

MH Car and Bike Club Inc. donated $2,000 to this charity in January 2018 and $1000 in July 2021

Geelong Animal Welfare Society's logo  

Geelong Animal Welfare Society is a not for profit animal welfare organisation providing best practice animal care, community education and animal rehoming programs.

MH Car and Bike Club Inc. donated $2,000 to this charity in June 2018.