Why use us?

Why use us to get your club plates?


  • No minimums, waiting periods, or club bullshit.
  • Cars and bikes are ok - all in the one place! We have even put a truck on club plates.
  • We will provide and help you with all the paperwork for a new plate, or to transfer from another club
  • We provide checklists to make sure you don't forget anything when you go to VicRoads
  • We make sure you know your obligations under the Club Permit Scheme
  • We make the process easy!

The step by step process to getting your club plates is detailed here.

Some important stuff:

  • VicRoads require us to view, photograph and keep a record of each vehicle. Sorry, there's no way around that.  If we don't take photos, you don't get the Club Plates through us.
  • Viewings are normally held in Geelong but we sometimes travel, or you can come to us.  We do have a person in the Latrobe Valley who helps us out.
  • We follow the rules set out by VicRoads.  You need to as well.