The Process

How do you go about getting your Club Permit? What's the process?

 It's not as hard as you might think. You don't have to present your car/bike to VicRoads, and you don't have to make an appointment with them.

We've done this a few times now and can help you through.

  1. Obtain your Roadworthy Certificate (unless transferring from another club). RWC must be valid, meaning that it's no more than 30 days old when you go to VicRoads

  2. Modified vehicle? You'll need a VASS so we can get you on an "M" plate. More information is available here.

  3. Contact us to arrange a time to visit. To speed up the process you can send a copy (picture or scan) of the roadworthy through to us. We can then pre-fill some forms for you.

  4. We will normally come and visit you if you're in the Geelong area.   Here's what we do when we visit:

    - Advise you of what you need to take to VicRoads
    - Make you aware of your responsibilities under the Club Permit Scheme (CPS)
    - Bring all the necessary paperwork with us (prefilled if you have sent the roadworthy through). 
    - Assist you in filling in the paperwork
    - Sign you up as a member of the club
    - Take photos of the vehicle (as required by VicRoads)
    - Collect fees from you (in cash). You'll get a receipt. A once off fee of $100 per vehicle, and $50 for club membership.

  5. You visit your nearest VicRoads office - no appointment necessary. They don't need to see or inspect the vehicle.  If everything is in order you pay them the current fees and then walk out with your new plates and logbook.

  6. Contact us by text, email or phone and advise us of your new plate number

  7. Fix your plates to your pride and joy, fill in the logbook and go and enjoy!