Renew your Club Permit

Need to renew your club permit?  Easy....

When VicRoads send you the renewal for your club permit, don't panic! You normally have a few weeks to get things sorted.

When you get your new form, logbook and sticker, you'll notice that the log book doesn't have the details on the inside front cover.  No worries, this will be done later.

There are three options to get your form signed by the club:

  1. You can mail it to our PO Box address (and we will Express Post it back)
  2. Do it online (Follow the Online with VicRoads instructions below)
  3. In person - we try and do a monthly get together, advertised on Facebook and our home page.

To have your renewal processed by Vicroads there are two methods:

Online with Vicroads:

  • You will need to have myVicroads account

  • Pay for your $50 Club Membership by direct deposit

    BSB: 633-000

    Account: 158954800

  • Send us a CLEAR picture or scan of your renewal form via email, SMS or Facebook messenger.

  • We will use this information to fill in a Club Permit Endorsement form and send it back to you using the same method you.

  • Sign your club permit renewal notice (you must be the permit holder)

  • Submit your renewal and signed Club Permit Endorsement form and pay the renewal fee online via your myVicRoads account

In person with VicRoads:

  • Get the permit renewal form signed by either Perry or David (mail it to our PO Box address). Don't send us the log book. Don't separate the renewal form or remove stickers. We will return the signed form to you via Express Post.

  • Pay for your Club Membership for the next 12 months (currently $50). 

  • You then take your form and logbook to a VicRoads office (no appointment needed) and pay the Club Permit fees.  Your friendly VicRoads person will stamp the form and then peel the label off and put it in your logbook.

Tip: Staple the receipt you get from VicRoads into the front cover of your log book.  Sometimes the details are not entered into the VicRoads system correctly, and having the receipt may save you some hassles.

MH Car and Bike Club

PO Box 65A, Leopold, Vic., 3224.

BSB: 633-000
Account: 158954800

 If you are with another club and would like to renew with us, then check out this page: Transfer from another club

  If you currently have a 90 day permit and wish to change to a 45 day permit at renewal time, you will need to attend a VicRoads office and ask them to print off a new renewal form for us to sign.

Important Note:

If  you change your address online with VicRoads, you will need to notify them separately about your Club Permit.  At this time the VicRoads  registration system isn't linked to the Club Permit system.

Failure to tell them about your Club Permit means that you will likely not receive the renewal in the mail.  It will be sent to the old address.